SQFTCF-466 Kelley HVLS Fans

SQFTCF-466 Kelley HVLS Fans Share :

Kelley Large Diameter Industrial High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans circulate air efficiently which positively impacts many factors in your facility.

₹ 3.35 Lakh/Piece

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Product Specifications

Brand Kelley
Power 1.5 KW
Area Covered 30000
Number of Blades 5
Diameter upto 24 feet diameter
RPM 60 - 100 RPM
Material Aluminium alloy

Product Information

Key Benefits:
The 2-3 mph breeze created by Kelley fans delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degrees decrease in perceived temperature.
Research supports that increased employee comfort can result in improved productivity and safety.

Reduces energy consumption: Working with the HVAC system, Kelley fans help regulate temperature from ceiling to floor, which can allow a facility to raise its thermostat setting 3-5 degrees. This creates an energy savings of up to 4% per degree change.

Protect product integrity: Air circulation helps keep food and produce dry and fresh, reducing a potential for decay or spoilage.
Air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots and condensation.
Kelley fans are also designed to operate in reverse, which helps de-stratify air in cool season.

Improves general working conditions: Floor condensation is minimized, keeping floors drier and safer for foot and motorized traffic.
Improved indoor air quality through the dispersing of fumes.



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