SQFTMC-1822 Light Mobile Racking System

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Optimize space and improve material retrieval with a dynamic and flexible storage solution.
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Brand Inlogsys

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Product Information

Light Mobile Racking System:

Mobile Shelving system is one of the most effective ways to optimize use of floor space. It is recommended for light to moderate loads like documents, small parts, spare parts, tools etc. The shelving racks are mounted on rails along the breadth and sometimes along the length, depending on the space. Generally one dynamic aisle is available for storing/retrieving material. Mobile racking can be manual, mechanical, power driven or automatic depending on the use and load to be stored. The various layout alternatives and the possibility of modular expansion make mobile racking a flexible option.


1.) Efficient use of space as it is a compact system

2.) Cost-effective solution because of the reduction in floor space due to number of aisles saved

3.) Reduction in travel time because of the lesser floor area required

4.) Modular structure which can be expanded over a period of time

5.) Ideal for storage of light to moderate loads like documents, small parts, spare parts, tools and drugs

6.) Powder coated and available in a choice of colours.    



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