SQFTHD-1594 Mild Steel Heavy Duty Racking System

SQFTHD-1594 Mild Steel Heavy Duty Racking System Share :

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High-density storage houses are benefited by the MS Heavy Duty Racking System.
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Product Specifications

Brand Donracks

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Product Information

Mild Steel Heavy Duty Racking System:

Donracks recommends this type of Pallet racking system for those storage houses where space becomes a constraint e.g. cold storage units.


1.) When many pallets of a similar product is stored

2.) When goods are stored in cold storage units

3.) Storage of seasonal products that needs to be moved out quickly

4.) Where goods stored do not belong to a broader variety or classification

5.) Floor surface utilization is high

6.) Optimal utilization of surface, height and storage volume


1.) Well designed

2.) Dust free storage

3.) Durable

4.) Multi-purpose

5.) Easy to install

6.) Multi-purpose.



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