SQFTMC-168 Mobile compactor storage systems

SQFTMC-168 Mobile compactor storage systems Share :

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Kompress India is Leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and best in class mobile compactor storage systems.
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Product Specifications

Brand Kompress

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Product Information

 Easy to operate with Advanced Technology. Easy identification due to appropriate indexing Single key locking system ensures complete security and accountability Excellent aesthetics – wide range of color shades and finishes Completely safe – due to inbuilt safety feature Maintenance free – due to sturdy construction and design Overall Kompress Compactors Are a Value for money.


Applications -

Offices: For storing of Computer Parts, Documents, Files and acts as a record room. Warehouse/Factories: Storage of Costly Components and Material Parts which requires protection from dust, seepage, and contamination. Hospital/Labs: Maintaining Customer Records with easy identification and categorization. Showrooms: Provides Pleasant Look and Feel to the areas. This mobile compactor storage system is mostly used in all industries such as banks & other financial institution, hospital, libraries, factories, private corporates & public sectors, defense, railway, jewelry’s shops, automobile sector etc.



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